We Teach

We Teach

The process begins at village level. ADE supplies the complete infrastructure and training to teach the villages in the original technique of donor coral fragmentation and the attachment to the unique bases that have been adopted from the coral growing expertise of Walt Smith of WSI. These specialized bases allow for maximum coral growth while provide outstanding “rack-to-reef” placement once the corals are fully grown and ready to be placed.

We have found the entire village becomes enthusiastically involved as they start to see the progress on their reefs in such a short amount of time with the ADE management and process in place. There is no better way to foster stewardship than actually taking part in a process that has such benefit.


Walt Smith teaching the villagers about the corals and how the process works.


Local village women securing the newly cut coral fragments. These will be placed on special racks in the ocean to grow out.


Even the Chief’s wife was happy to get involved


We Teach

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